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Word of the Day from Macmillan Dictionary
  • festival
    a series of performances of films, plays, music, or dancing that is usually organized in the same ... read more
  • prom
    a dance for secondary school students, usually held at the end of the year ... read more
  • corroboree
    an Aboriginal festival of singing and dancing ... read more
  • Midsummer Day
    June 24th, the official date of the middle of summer ... read more
  • tree hugger
    someone who wants to protect the environment, especially forests. This word shows that you think ... read more
  • megalith
    a very large upright stone put in place by people in ancient times ... read more
  • summer solstice
    the day of the year when the Sun is above the horizon for the longest amount of time, around 21st ... read more
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