Words & Sayings of the Day from English Club
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Word of the Day from Macmillan Dictionary
  • gleam
    a bright light reflected from something ... read more
  • Diwali
    an important festival in the Hindu religion that takes place in October or November ... read more
  • sandpaper
    strong paper with a rough surface that you rub against wood or metal to make it smooth ... read more
  • foolscap
    a large size of paper about 13 inches or 32.5 centimetres wide and 17 inches or 42.5 centimetres ... read more
  • fountain pen
    a pen that has a container inside that you fill with ink in order to write with it ... read more
  • quill
    an old-fashioned pen made from a bird’s feather ... read more
  • ballpoint
    a pen with a very small ball at the end from which ink flows as you write ... read more
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