Free Technology for Teachers (Richard Byrne)
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Websites of the Day (Larry Ferlazzo)
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Read Easy, Read Big at
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Feel the Power of Big, Easy Reading at

ESL at (Kenneth Beare)
  • Beginner Verb Tense Quiz
    Beginner verb tense quiz checks your understanding of basic tenses including the present simple, continuous, future and past simple including ... read more
  • Make or Do Quiz
    The difference between make and do is very minimal and causes a lot of problems, try this quiz to see ... read more
  • Beginning English Quiz
    Beginning level English quiz tests basic English tenses, conditional and superlatives, and simple conversational English with corrected answers.> <link rel=stylesheet ... read more
  • Giving Warnings Quiz
    Useful phrases for giving warnings in English for upper level ESL English students - quiz ... read more
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Learning in the Modern Workplace (Jane Hart)
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