Free Technology for Teachers (Richard Byrne)
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Websites of the Day (Larry Ferlazzo)
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Read Easy, Read Big at
  • Story Power
    ReadOasis Step 2 Dorothy looked up into the sky. And she started to sing. Her soft voice rose up gently ... read more
  • Practice Makes Genius (Step 3)
    ReadOasis Step 3 Creative Commons Photo by Ludovic Peron Tiger Woods started playing golf when he was two years old. ... read more
  • Little Snow White
    ReadOasis Step 2 (Part 1) A long time ago, a Queen sat near a window in her castle. It was ... read more
  • Bird Leg Test
    ReadOasis Step 2 It was three o’clock in the morning. And Jonah was tired. “I think I’m ready for the ... read more
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Feel the Power of Big, Easy Reading at

ESL at (Kenneth Beare)
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Learning in the Modern Workplace (Jane Hart)
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