May 26

Student Reviews


What is important when high school students exercise reading? The most important thing is “interest.” Many people like interesting things better than the boring. Probably, “iPhone” and “Bill Gates” interests high school students. ReadOasis provides people with many categories’ readings. Each text is short that students can finish reading easily. Teachers can select topics for students. However, some students wouldn’t have “interest” in ReadOasis topics. Teachers should offer students topics such as “singers,” “idols” and “movies.” It is a good way that teachers use ReadOasis for basic reading practice. ReadOasis is a good site for many high school students.

By Yutaka, Yuta, Shion, and Yoritaka

I think this site is very good for advantage learners. There are a lot of topics, for example, art and news. There are three good points in this site. First of all, it has some levels for students. For example, if you are a beginner you should choose “step1”, so you can learn the content that fit you r own level. Next advance point is pictures. This one has a pictures that suit their topics. When I meet this one, first time I am interested in the topics. The aim that attracting to learners’ interests, it has a big effect. For example, student who doesn’t like English may good feel about them and being interested in English through this experience. Finally, I think the page of teacher’s one is great. Of course, teachers want to use this one for their own study, then they can do so by using this site. That is why I recommend this one. From these reasons, I recommend.

By Yu

We recommend this website to who want to see the effort you put into. One of a amazement about this website was, they can count the time while reading and tell user how many words you can read in a minutes. This is very amazing and this thing would cause user to try harder until they get satisfied with the time and words. This website is leveled, so this is very easy to find out which your level is, and below of the story, there are keywords of the story and it is easy to find out which story u read. We tried to use the audio, but it didn’t work with an older version of Internet Explorer. But it did work on Firefox.

We suggest to add the gamefication. For example, it’s think it is good idea to show users score witch is the amounts of the words for everyone. Also sometimes a pop test is pretty interesting because checking the understanding of story makes student to focus on the story more and more and can help keep their interest more deeply.

By Mari and Akito


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