April 29

Sheppard Software


I recommend “Sheppard Software.” There are some to study vocabulary. One of them is “Learn SAT/GRE words”, includes quizzes, flash cards, and print function. So, I think it is the best system for memorizing many words. Since it read aloud a word, we can learn with its pronunciation. What’s more, it describes in English text by using the answer, so we can understood English words with using English. Next, we print all words, and can take advantage of check box for sorting out the words that we don’t remember or not. General vocabulary learning system is making list of specific words that we didn’t know. However human brain can’t keep remembering, and then have to repeat, so I recommend that you list all words. Confirmation of all is easy after you remember the specific words if you so. In addition, you can easily carry around. Finally, the way to teach for students with this site, is cooperating. I think this site is too difficult for students, so they can make the answer together.. One teacher roll of examiner, and divide classes into some groups. Then one is correct aswer can get some points from their teacher. After answering, students should write down the words that are incorrect and memorize them.

By Masahiro and Yu


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