May 22

Reviewing VOA News


We reviewed the site called It is American news site. The user interface is pretty good. The site is simple and reliable. On this review, I’ll focus on the podcast of this site. There are several genre of video in this site. I was surprised about they deliver us Africa and Middleastern news in English. The podcast is update frequently. I thought it was good point of this site. The bad point is, They don’t have transcript for the video. So, I found it is hard for beginner English learner. But, you can get latest news about the America and world news from this site. I recommend this site for advanced English learner who is interested in world situation. is for advanced English learner, but there is site for beginner English learner. The site name is The difficulty of the content in this site is optimized for the beginner learner. If you click the articles, it shows us the news article with voice. The voice of reading is slow and clear.

By Yoritaka, Shion, Yutaka, and Yuta


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