May 21

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We recommend to beginners or people who want to learn vocabulary more cheerfully. This site is very easy to use because they have a lot of beautiful pictures. This site teaches you vocabulary about geography, animals, foods, and so on.

If you place your cursor over the picture, sound track start up, and you can listen the pronunciation. This site also allows you make original word list for free. This system helps us to remember the words. You can use this site in various kinds of languages, English and Japanese, of course. If you choice Japanese mode, you can learn English with pronunciation, and Japanese translation.

In this site you can learn vocabulary in quiz mode too. If you set this mode, you can learn by doing listening test. This site has slangs too, so we think that this site also help our study. Moreover, we can use this site in the class, especially in junior high school.

Teachers show the pictures from this site, and then their students think how to express them in English. After doing it, teachers place the cursor over them and the students know the correct answer. This is one of our ideas but we can use this site for English education in a variety of way.

By Eriko and Yumi


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