What's Popping in Language Learning!

What is important when high school students exercise reading? The most important thing is “interest.” Many people like interesting things better than the boring. Probably, “iPhone” and “Bill Gates” interests high school students. ReadOasis provides people with many categories’ readings. Each text is short that students can finish reading... Read more
We found the site called ESLFast. According to wolframealpha.com, this site’s location is Boston, Massachusetts, United States and it has 36000 daily views. The web page looks very simple. On the top page, you can see 365 short story lists. Each story is very short. It has direct links... Read more
We reviewed the site called voanews.com. It is American news site. The user interface is pretty good. The site is simple and reliable. On this review, I’ll focus on the podcast of this site. There are several genre of video in this site. I was surprised about they deliver... Read more
We recommend LanguageGuide.org to beginners or people who want to learn vocabulary more cheerfully. This site is very easy to use because they have a lot of beautiful pictures. This site teaches you vocabulary about geography, animals, foods, and so on. If you place your cursor over the picture,... Read more
My recomended site was Kokorono-ehon (Children’s Picture Book). I think it is difficult to attract children interest by no pictures, that is why I chose picture book. In this site there are a lot of pictures. In addition to that, these stories are transferred from Japanese to English. So, if... Read more
I recommend “Sheppard Software.” There are some to study vocabulary. One of them is “Learn SAT/GRE words”, includes quizzes, flash cards, and print function. So, I think it is the best system for memorizing many words. Since it read aloud a word, we can learn with its pronunciation. What’s more,... Read more
TED is the site which provides many interesting ideas. People can know things they haven’t yet. If high school students use TED for listening practice, they can improve their English skills. English teachers should use this site to make their lessons more interesting and effective! However, we should take... Read more