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  • Police Kill a Man
    This news is from the USA. A man is driving home. His car stops working. The car is standing in ... read more
  • Boat in Thailand
    A boat overturns in Thailand. More than a hundred people are on it. At least 13 people die. Many people ... read more
  • Explosion in New York
    A bomb explodes in New York. Security cameras film the moment. People start to run away. The bomb injures twenty-nine ... read more
  • New Phone Boxes
    Red phone boxes are typical in Britain. They are a big tourist attraction. However, people do not use them anymore. ... read more
  • Attack in Kashmir
    Militants attack an army base. It is an Indian army base. It is in Kashmir.At least 17 soldiers die. More ... read more
  • Oktoberfest 2016
    Oktoberfest is a beer festival. It takes place in Munich, Germany. Six million people come to the festival every year. ... read more
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The Local (English News from Germany)

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