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Larry Ferlazzo's Blog

  • newResearch Studies Of The Week
    I often write about research studies from various fields and how they can be applied to the classroom. I write individual posts about ones that I think are especially significant, and will continue to do so. However, so many studies … Continue read…
    - 13 hours ago, 15 Sep 14, 9:09pm -
  • newMOOC’s For English Language Learners & Teachers
    MOOC’s seem to be growing in popularity, even with their well-documented challenges (see The Best Posts & Articles On MOOC’s). There are also popular ones for English Language Learners and ELL teachers. The British Council has 100,000 students in…
    - 13 hours ago, 15 Sep 14, 8:47pm -
  • newThis Week’s “Round-Up” Of Useful Ed Policy Posts — Part Two
    Usually, I just post one “round-up” of ed policy posts and article each week, but I’ve got a backlog. So here’s Part Two: How to Diversify Teaching is from The New York Times. Common Core: yes or no? A debate. … Continue reading →
    - 21 hours ago, 15 Sep 14, 1:16pm -
  • Time For Comcast To Step-Up & Provide “Net Access For Poor”
    I’ve had a keen interest for years in helping low-income families obtain Internet access, including helping to lead our school’s internationally recognized effort with immigrants a few years ago. You can read about that, and other programs, at Th…
    - 1 day ago, 15 Sep 14, 7:43am -
  • Great Video: Tavis Smiley On Daily Show Talking About M.L. King’s Final Year
    Tavis Smiley has a new book out titled “Death of a King: The Real Story Of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Final Year.” He did a terrific interview on the Daily Show, and I’m adding this video to The Best … Continue reading →
    - 1 day ago, 15 Sep 14, 5:55am -
  • Resources For Teaching About The Fall Season
    It’s that time of year, and you might be interested in The Best Sites For Images Of Fall Foliage (& For Teaching About The Season). Additional suggestions are always welcome….
    - 1 day ago, 15 Sep 14, 5:48am -
  • “Teachers Should Dress As Students’ Advocate, Not ‘Peer’”
    Teachers Should Dress As Students’ Advocate, Not ‘Peer’ is my latest Education Week Teacher post. In Part One of a two-part series, four educators – Roxanna Elden, Renee Moore, Jane Fung, and Rebecca Mieliwocki – share their thoughts on how…
    - 1 day ago, 15 Sep 14, 1:11am -
  • Video: Potentially Useful TED Talk – “Why ordinary people need to understand power”
    TED recently shared a TED Talk by Eric Liu titled “Why ordinary people need to understand power.” I’ve embedded the video below, and you can access it and the interactive transcript at the TED site. He says some good things … Continue reading…
    - 2 days ago, 14 Sep 14, 10:33am -
  • September’s Infographics & Interactives Galore – Part Two
    There are just so many good infographics and interactives out there that I’ve begun a new semi-regular feature called “Infographics & Interactives Galore.” You can see others at A Collection Of “The Best…” Lists On Infographics and by sea…
    - 2 days ago, 14 Sep 14, 8:38am -

Free Technology for Teachers

  • newMyStorybook - A Good Platform for Creating Picture Books
    MyStorybook is a nice online tool for creating short storybooks. MyStorybook provides blank pages on which you can type, draw, and place clipart. Your storybook pages can also include pictures that you upload.To get started on MyStorybook you do need…
    - 9 hours ago, 16 Sep 14, 1:15am -
  • newHow to Customize Your Characters in Storyboard That Comics
    Disclosure: Storyboard That is a long-term advertiser on Free Technology for Teachers. A couple of weeks ago I shared the news that Storyboard That now offers fully posable characters. You can use these characters to customize the positioning of leg…
    - 9 hours ago, 16 Sep 14, 12:36am -
  • newSocratic Smackdown - A Game for Learning and Practicing Discussion Strategies
    Socratic Smackdown offers a fun approach to having students practice discussion strategies. Socratic Smackdown is a printable game designed to be played with up to forty students at a time. In the game students are awarded points for using each of si…
    - 9 hours ago, 16 Sep 14, 12:27am -
  • newAn Interactive Map of George Washington's Life offers a handful of nice online resources for learning about the life of George Washington. One of the featured resources is an interactive map that is titled Washington's World. Washington's World includes a timeline and dozens of pl…
    - 10 hours ago, 15 Sep 14, 11:51pm -
  • newUse Google Drive and Chromecast to Share & Display Videos Without YouTube
    Last month I shared directions for privately sharing videos through Google Drive. This morning through The Next Web I learned that Chromebook users who also have a Chromecast device can project their videos from Google Drive. To do this you will have…
    - 10 hours ago, 15 Sep 14, 11:24pm -
  • Piano Maestro Offers a Fun Way to Learn to Read and Play Sheet Music
    Cross-posted from one of my other blogs, iPadApps4School.comPiano Maestro (formerly known as Piano Mania) is a neat iPad app from Joy Tunes. The new Piano Maestro app offers lessons on playing the piano. Students place their iPads on their pianos or…
    - 2 days ago, 14 Sep 14, 9:30pm -
  • Mark Your Calendar for an Afternoon of Free Webinars About Google Apps
    As I mentioned last Monday, on October 7th Simple K12 is hosting an afternoon of free webinars about Google tools for teachers. I will be conducting two webinars that afternoon. In my webinars I'll share some of my favorite Google Search strategies,…
    - 2 days ago, 14 Sep 14, 8:30pm -
  • The Week in Review - Gone Fishing!
    A trout in the Androscoggin River.Good morning from Maine where the air feels cool and crisp and the water is cooling too. The cooling water has the trout and landlocked salmon moving. You'll find me on the river today. I hope that you have set aside…
    - 2 days ago, 13 Sep 14, 10:00pm -
  • Pixabay Updates Make It Easier to Find Quality Public Domain Images
    For the last couple of years Pixabay has been my go-to resource for public domain images. Pixabay was recently updated to make it easier than ever to find quality public domain images. Now when you visit the search page on Pixabay you can filter your…
    - 3 days ago, 13 Sep 14, 9:30pm -


  • newCountries, Nationalities and Languages in English
    Guide to Countries Nationalities and Languages around the world for lower level English classes with pronunciation sound file.
    - 13 hours ago, 15 Sep 14, 9:14pm -
  • newSentence Patterns
    Guide to the six basic sentence patterns in English for beginning level English learners and classes.
    - 13 hours ago, 15 Sep 14, 9:14pm -
  • newAdvanced English Grammar Review Quiz
    Advanced level English grammar review quiz testing the tenses, clause use, conditional forms, modifiers and more with corrected answers.> <link rel=stylesheet type=
    - 13 hours ago, 15 Sep 14, 9:14pm -
  • newHere's a business meeting role play to practice...
    This example business meeting provides all the language that students need to participate successfully in business English negotions and meetings.
    - 13 hours ago, 15 Sep 14, 9:14pm -
  • newBeginning English Grammar Quiz
    Take the beginning English grammar quiz to test your knowledge of English. Each question is followed by an answer, as well as information to study.> <link rel=stylesheet type=
    - 13 hours ago, 15 Sep 14, 9:14pm -
  • newEnglish Grammar - Causative Verbs
    Explanation of the Engilsh causative verbs have, make, and get with examples of structures and usage including example sentences.
    - 13 hours ago, 15 Sep 14, 9:14pm -
  • newTOEFL Grammar Quiz
    This TOEFL grammar quiz focuses on the type of English grammar at a level generally found on the TOEFL test with follow-up corrections.
    - 13 hours ago, 15 Sep 14, 9:14pm -
  • newTips and Strategies for Teaching English...
    Tips and strategies concerning the teaching of English conversational skills
    - 13 hours ago, 15 Sep 14, 9:14pm -
  • newIntermediate English Grammar Review Quiz
    Intermediate level English grammar review quiz testing the tenses, clause use, conditional forms, modifiers and more with corrected answers.> <link rel=stylesheet type=
    - 13 hours ago, 15 Sep 14, 9:14pm -

ESL Basics

  • The Difference Between Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivation
    The Difference Between Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivation I recently was asked the question, “How do you deal with motivation problems when learning English?” (Thanks for asking, Ildar!) The first way I would approach this question is by asking a…
    - 25 days ago, 22 Aug 14, 1:07pm -
  • Taylor Swift – Shake It Off – English Lesson
    Taylor Swift’s New Song “Shake It Off” And What It Means for ESL Students I love Taylor Swift’s new song “Shake It Off”, especially when I think about ESL. It’s the kind of song that makes you want to dance, sing, and move on from the n…
    - 27 days ago, 20 Aug 14, 3:54am -
  • Two Ordinary English Greetings
    Ordinary English Greetings I love hearing from you! That’s why I recently sent an email out to all of my email subscribers (join here) and asked them what they wanted to learn. You guys flooded my inbox with amazing suggestions. Because I want to h…
    - 38 days ago, 8 Aug 14, 11:23pm -
  • What is a Dilemma?
    Today we are answering the question: What is a dilemma? To find the answer, let’s look at the possible definitions. defines a dilemma as a noun that means either… a situation requiring a choice between equally undesirable alternati…
    - 74 days ago, 4 Jul 14, 5:34am -
  • How to Form Regular Past Tense Verbs
    How to Form Regular Past Tense Verbs In today’s class (see VIDEO below), I’m talking about the four basic ways to form regular past tense verbs. In regular English verbs, they will always end in -ed. However, you may need to make a couple adjust…
    - 91 days ago, 17 Jun 14, 12:49am -
  • Sneak Peek: Elite Classes – Listening Tip from Andrea
    Elite Member Class – Preview Video As you may know, we recently launched our Elite Member Classes for a low monthly cost of $29.99. This introductory rate is coming to a close tomorrow at MIDNIGHT. The price will increase to $59.99 per month and $4…
    - 30 Apr 14, 1:34am -
  • Video Playlists
    We have a few different video playlists that you may find helpful and I wanted to go ahead and put them all in one place. Tongue Twisters Phrasal Verbs US Citizenship Questions Advanced VocabularyVideo Playlists from Free English Lessons - The best…
    - 24 Apr 14, 3:23pm -
  • Classes with Andrea Coming Soon!
    Online Classes Start on Thursday! I am SO excited to announce that after months of hard work and preparation, we will be launching weekly classes, starting this Thursday! I will be teaching these high-quality, university-level classes that you can wa…
    - 22 Apr 14, 12:28am -
  • What does it mean to giggle? (Video)
    What does it mean to giggle? The dictionary defines the verb giggle as… laugh lightly in a nervous, affected, or silly manner. In this video I use the word “cute” to describe my son giggling. No matter how you define the word, it is easier to s…
    - 12 Apr 14, 10:42am -

Teach English Online

Scott Thornbury Blog

  • A new beginning
    As promised, blogging resumes shortly… but in a new site and with a new format. You can find the new blog here: it’s called The (De-) Fossilization Diaries, and charts the attempts I’m making to improve my faltering Spanish. Hope to see you the…
    - 23 Aug 13, 5:31pm -
  • The End
    So this is it, folks: I’m closing down the blog for the summer… and for good. After 3 years, 150 posts, nearly 7000 comments, and innumerable hits, visits, views, however you want to describe and count them, plus one e-book spin-off (but no sign…
    - 9 Jun 13, 3:00pm -
  • V is for Vocabulary teaching
    A teacher educator in Norway reports on how she has used ideas from my book How to Teach Vocabulary (2002) on an in-service course for local primary and lower secondary school teachers. Mona Flognfeldt writes: ‘I have shared with my students a lot…
    - 2 Jun 13, 3:00pm -
  • G is for Gesture
    A couple of weeks ago the University of Barcelona hosted a week-long course on Gesture and SLA, run by Dr Marianne Gullberg, Professor of Psycholinguistics at Lund University in Sweden. Marianne has to be one of the leading experts on gesture and lan…
    - 26 May 13, 3:00pm -
  • R is for Repetition (again)
    I do not know which to prefer, The beauty of inflections Or the beauty of innuendos, The blackbird whistling Or just after. Wallace Stevens, ‘Thirteen ways of looking at a blackbird’. It’s spring and the male blackbirds are in full throat. I wa…
    - 19 May 13, 3:00pm -
  • C is for (COCA) Corpus
    A recent ELT Chat on using corpora suggested that what might be helpful for teachers coming to online corpora (such as COCA- the Corpus of Contemporary American English) for the first time would be some kind of screencast, demonstrating some of the m…
    - 12 May 13, 3:00pm -
  • T is for Teacher Knowledge
    What you do need to know in order to be able to teach? The question concerns not only teachers, but also teacher educators and methodology writers, since the way we answer it impacts on the design of training programs and their related materials. Do…
    - 5 May 13, 3:00pm -
  • T is for Turning point
    This was written by a young American woman, visiting Europe for the first time, and speaking the German she had learned at school. It describes an experience many second language speakers will attest to: the turning point – that moment when suddenl…
    - 28 Apr 13, 3:00pm -
  • W is for Wondering
    Three excellent presentations at IATEFL this year, each of which referenced Dogme, got me wondering. The first, Conversation-driven or dialogic methodology? ELT Classroom talk, was given by Dr Phil Chappell, from Macquarie University in NSW. Phil sta…
    - 21 Apr 13, 3:00pm -

Oxford University Press (ELT Blog)

  • Why Teachers Should Introduce Presentation Practice into English Language Classes
    Ben Shearon, the Presenting Skills consultant for our brand new course Stretch, shares his thoughts on the benefits of integrating presenting skills into EFL and ESL classes. Many people are terrified of speaking in public, even though it probably is…
    - 8 days ago, 8 Sep 14, 8:40pm -
  • Feedback on academic writing – Part One
    This is the first article of a three-part series on giving EAP students effective feedback. Julie Moore, an ELT writer and researcher, shares her thoughts on how to give your students constructive feedback on their writing. Although I’ve been worki…
    - 19 days ago, 28 Aug 14, 8:25pm -
  • Using Social Media and Smart Devices Effectively in the Classroom
    How can you use digital technology to bring course material to life in the classroom? Thomas Healy, co-author of Smart Choice Second Edition, shares his ideas ahead of his webinar on 23 & 25 September on the subject. It’s an old … Continue readi…
    - 20 days ago, 27 Aug 14, 8:21pm -
  • Discover the NEW International Express Tests and Teacher’s Guides
    Bruce Wade, Managing Editor of International Express, introduces his upcoming webinar on 11th September about the new International Express Tests and Teacher’s Guides. The new International Express launched earlier this year, and now, plenty of ex…
    - 25 days ago, 21 Aug 14, 9:54pm -
  • How to survive in the freelance market – Part Six
    This is the last of a six-part series of articles from two ELT professionals who have successfully done just that: Mike Hogan and Bethany Cagnol. Here, they give advice on how to manage the ups and downs of running your own business. In the prev…
    - 28 days ago, 19 Aug 14, 8:30pm -
  • EAP in the classroom Part Three – Developing student independence
    In the last of a three-part series on teaching EAP, Edward de Chazal, a freelance consultant, author and presenter, looks at effective strategies to help students work more independently.  In English language teaching in general, and EAP in pa…
    - 33 days ago, 14 Aug 14, 8:47pm -

Heads Up English

  • newSchool and Education
    Discuss or debate the questions below. Remember to support your answers!Do you have any regrets about your education? Why/not?Would you ever consider returning to school someday and get another degree?Should there be stricter requirements to enter…
    - 2 hours ago, 16 Sep 14, 7:54am -
  • newBack to School
    Students go back to school in the fall. They choose new clothes and uniforms. They buy school supplies, such as pencils, erasers, and notebooks. They feel excited about teachers and classmates. However, there is also a serious problem. Many students…
    - 22 hours ago, 15 Sep 14, 11:39am -
  • Internet Addiction
    Almost everyone uses the Internet these days. It's a very useful invention. In fact, some people think the Internet is the most important invention ever.People surf the Internet for information, movies, and music. They study and read books. They pla…
    - 6 days ago, 10 Sep 14, 7:02am -
  • Fast Food is Unhealthy
    Healthy food is very important. Unfortunately, many people are very busy, so they eat fast food. It is an easy and convenient choice, but it can be very unhealthy. Fast food has a lot of fat, sugar, and salt. It has a lot of calories too. For example…
    - 13 days ago, 3 Sep 14, 10:14am -
  • The History of Names
    For a long time, people didn't have family names. People had first names only. This custom slowly changed in many countries, though, and people eventually used last names. In England, last names become common in the 13th century. But in Japan, this h…
    - 17 days ago, 30 Aug 14, 4:36pm -
  • Chicago Pizza
    Chicago pizza is a unique and famous pizza from Chicago. But how is Chicago pizza different from the pizza served in New York, London, or Italy?First, the crust is about 2.5 inches deep, or about 6.35 cm. It is cooked like a pie in a deep, round pan…
    - 21 days ago, 26 Aug 14, 6:57am -

  • Business English- Negotiating- Saying Yes, No & Maybe [PDF]
    New Entry: 'Business English- Negotiating- Saying Yes, No & Maybe' has just been added to the Lesson Plans area of
    - 1 day ago, 15 Sep 14, 12:41am -
  • WYTP
    New Entry: 'WYTP' has just been added to the Chatlish area of This entry is only available in our members' area.
    - 4 days ago, 11 Sep 14, 11:01pm -
  • She starred ____ the movie.
    New Entry: 'She starred ____ the movie.' has just been added to the Language Polls area of
    - 4 days ago, 11 Sep 14, 10:59pm -
  • Nuke
    New Entry: 'Nuke' has just been added to the Slang area of This entry is only available in our members' area.
    - 4 days ago, 11 Sep 14, 10:54pm -
  • Crowded space
    New Entry: 'Crowded space' has just been added to the Cockney Rhyming Slang area of This entry is only available in our members' area.
    - 4 days ago, 11 Sep 14, 10:53pm -
  • IELTS Speaking Parts One, Two and Three Dice Game [PDF]
    New Entry: 'IELTS Speaking Parts One, Two and Three Dice Game' has just been added to the Lesson Plans area of
    - 4 days ago, 11 Sep 14, 10:48pm -

The Everyday Language Learner

  • Foreign to Familiar – Learning About Culture So You Can Learn The Language
    I just finished a great book that anyone planning on moving cross culturally should pick up and read. The book, Foreign to Familiar, is short (127 pages), incredibly helpful, and fun to read. The basic premiss of Foreign to Familiar is one we all int…
    - 88 days ago, 19 Jun 14, 11:00pm -
  • How Much Vocabulary Is Enough?
    Today’s guest post comes from Jeffery Nelson, the creator of a great new blog called Living Bilingual.  After you enjoy the article stop by and visit. ———- Language skills are hard to measure. There is an innate subjectivity in analyzing a l…
    - 13 Aug 13, 12:27pm -
  • The Number One Rule For Learning A Foreign Language
    Today I am excited to share another great guest post from a regular EDLL reader, Arabic expert and language lover Saqib Hussain.  You can find out more about Saqib and about Arabic at  Arabic Studio.  For now, enjoy the post! ————- OK, so…
    - 26 Jul 13, 5:06am -
  • The Everyday Language Learner Interview Series: Jana Fadness
    I have been an admirer of Jana Fadness for a number of years now and so was excited to be able to interview her a few weeks back.  Her blog, Adventures of the Directionally Challenged shares here experiences as a language learner, a traveler and a t…
    - 4 Jul 13, 5:11am -
  • How to Instantly Improve Your Vocabulary Recall in just 5 Minutes
    Perhaps you are familiar with Tim Ferris’ “4 Hour” series of books.  In today’s guest post, Allan Ngo of Money in Mandrin unpacks a few lessons he took away from The 4 Hour Chef.  Enjoy! RIIIIIIIIIIIIING!!!!!!!! Your alarm clock blares! POW…
    - 24 Jun 13, 11:16pm -
  • The Most Important Day Of Your Language Learning Journey
    Today’s guest post is from Noel van Vliet, the writer behind  It was certainly a timely post for me as I’ve been struggling amidst part time jobs and being back in the states to stay connected with learning Turkish an…
    - 10 Jun 13, 8:20pm -


  • Mirando alrededor: Aprendiendo en un Mundo Nuevo
    Otra presentación que compartí en la conferencia EVAC 2014 El mundo en que vivimos ha cambiado! Will Richardson, exclamó: “ Si ustedes no se sientan un poquito incómodo de ser...
    - 3 days ago, 13 Sep 14, 5:14am -
  • The Now Literacies Through the Lens of Sharing
    I am excited to share ( ) the keynote I am presenting at EVAC2014 in Maturin, Venezuela. Looking at the “Now” literacies, , including digital, media and global literacy, we...
    - 3 days ago, 13 Sep 14, 2:02am -
  • How To Get Started: Collaborating Among Schools
    I will be traveling to Venezuela this week to share and learn with educators at EVAC2014  in Maturin, Venezuela. The talk about modern literacies… about becoming a globally connected educator…...
    - 8 days ago, 8 Sep 14, 12:05am -
  • #Document4Learning: Raising Awareness and Crowdsourcing Perspectives
    The idea of Document FOR Learning is occupying my mind more and more… puzzle pieces of different strategies and needs in modern teaching and learning are coming together if I...
    - 9 days ago, 6 Sep 14, 10:15pm -
  • Great PD Opportunity: Miami Device
    I am thrilled to be part of Miami Device this upcoming November (Thank you Felix Jacomino for making this possible)  If you are in the Miami area, or need a...
    - 11 days ago, 5 Sep 14, 1:08am -
  • Rethink How We Assess Group Research
    My brilliant colleague from Brazil, Silvana Meneghini, was wrapping her mind around group research at the high school level. In a FaceTime call she expressed her frustration of traditional assessment...
    - 14 days ago, 2 Sep 14, 9:37pm -

EFL Classroom 2.0

  • “Functional” Videos
    Language functions are a great way to focus student learning on communication. Showing students and having students study examples of language in use, language used to actually do and accomplish and communicate is a great methodology. EnglishCentral…
    - 3 days ago, 13 Sep 14, 12:48am -
  • Teaching English Magazine
    For those who don’t know yet or haven’t stumbled upon it – I’ve been curating a cool magazine that is available free to all. I spend a lot of time reading and this magazine shares only the best articles about the teaching profession. It’s a…
    - 10 days ago, 6 Sep 14, 8:41am -
  • Teachers Pay Teachers Pay Teachers
    Every week or month brings another announcement within the educational tech space of a new player in the “Teacher marketplace” place. I remember back in the early years online, before all the social media, Web 2.0 craze. It was natural and easy f…
    - 29 days ago, 18 Aug 14, 5:36am -
  • Colorizing History. Technological Dilemmas.
    Technology is allowing teachers to not just tear down the walls that surround their classroom, it also is allowing improved ways to present content. For the language classroom, images are an essential tool to generate conversation, contextualize voca…
    - 97 days ago, 11 Jun 14, 2:46am -
  • 50 Ways Lists
    The “50″ lists created over the last year have been a huge hit with teachers. So happy to know that these simple ideas are being used in classrooms everywhere. That’s what web 2.0 is all about. I thought it would be great to list them all in on…
    - 5 Jun 14, 7:42pm -
  • Educational Philosophy – a dialogue between Plato, Dewey and Marx
    {this is part of the “Captive Mind” series of blog posts – publishing online and decommercializing thought.] This piece of reflection was inspired by a former professor of mine – Dr. Gerald Gutek, professor of education, Loyola University and…
    - 4 Jun 14, 1:04am -

Language Log

  • newOh my melon!
    Bryan Van Norden is a Visiting Professor at Wuhan University this semester, and he ran across an interesting bit of language play. Below is a still (taken with his cell phone) of a television commercial currently running in the PRC. It is for a water…
    - 4 hours ago, 16 Sep 14, 6:19am -
  • newThe paucity of curse words in Japanese, chapter 2
    [Guest post by Bob Ramsey] I’ve been thinking about this subject for more than thirty years. It started for me back in the late 70s. Back then, Herb Passin, who was at the time a professor of sociology at Columbia (remember him?), published a serie…
    - 7 hours ago, 16 Sep 14, 3:17am -
  • newReturning to from A to B
    From D.D.: I'm a 30-yr NYC resident, and I've been speaking American English all my life, more than 50 years now. Even so, I had a hell of a time parsing the prepositions in this headline: Someone at Newsday apparently had the same experience, becaus…
    - 14 hours ago, 15 Sep 14, 8:05pm -
  • Spit(ting| and) images
    Bob Moore was taken aback by "spit and image" in Frank Bruni's 9/9/2014 NYT Op-Ed, and wondered whether it was an eggcorn for "spitting image": I worry about the combustible tension between our abysmal regard for the Congress that we’ve got and a n…
    - 2 days ago, 14 Sep 14, 9:46pm -
  • Applenese2
    In "Applenese", we examined the Chinese translations from the Mainland, Taiwan, and Hong Kong of this Apple advertising slogan for Mother's Day last spring:  "A gift Mom will love opening. Again and again." Now let's see what is done with the new Ap…
    - 3 days ago, 13 Sep 14, 8:45pm -
  • "Quasiregularity and its discontents"
    Suggestion for your weekend reading: Mark Seidenberg and David Plaut, "Quasiregularity and Its Discontents: The Legacy of the Past Tense Debate", Cognitive Science 2014. The abstract: Rumelhart and McClelland’s chapter about learning the past tense…
    - 3 days ago, 13 Sep 14, 6:44pm -

Jeremy Harmer

  • Method talk #1: how helpful is research?
    In these ‘method talk’ postings I am sharing paragraphs I have recently been writing about issues to do with methodology and teaching. They are attempts to ‘call things as they are’ and to reflect both a ‘con-sensus’ and ‘common sense…
    - 69 days ago, 9 Jul 14, 5:42pm -
  • Angel or devil? The strange case of Sugata Mitra
    Last Saturday Sugata Mitra gave a plenary at an international teachers’ conference. When it was over a proportion of the audience gave him a standing ovation, but an equal number refused to get to their feet and a proportion of the ‘remaining sea…
    - 8 Apr 14, 12:50am -
  • What Sheryl Crow gave her attention to: a conundrum for language teachers
    I was reading the Guardian yesterday and came across a short interview with the singer Sheryl Crow during which she responded to the question ‘what have you sacrificed for your art?’ with the answer “my love life. I think whatever you give your…
    - 13 Feb 14, 3:31am -
  • Testophile or testophobe?
    I was very taken with Luke Meddings’ recent blogpost about the tensions between education and big business (amongst other things). He suggested that whereas we teach to reach students, to help students reach their potential, others see teaching as…
    - 17 Dec 13, 1:05am -
  • Shall we kill off the digital native?
    Someone (let’s call him Marc Prensky!) once came up with a rather neat description of the difference between some kids and some older people. The former, he suggested, were digital natives who grew up with technology all around them as a given –…
    - 23 Nov 13, 4:01am -
  • Does size matter? Or is it shape? Or room?
    As October faded into November I found myself giving talks at the fabulous TELLSI conference in Mashad, Iran, immediately followed by a stint at the IGA conference (Instituto Guatamalteco-Americano) in Guatemala City, and then MEXTESOL in Queretero,…
    - 19 Nov 13, 1:44am -

Tech Savvy Educator


  • It doesn't matter
    Photo by Victoria Boobyer via eltpics Do your students often say "it's depend..." or things like "it's not cost much..."? Do you think they need more grammar review and practice? Hardly. Perhaps you should draw their attention to the most common ex…
    - 20 days ago, 27 Aug 14, 1:07am -
  • Love Actually: activities, ideas, vocabulary
    Image source:www.universalstudiosentertainment.comI use a lot of films in my teaching: not just occasional Youtube clips but full-length authentic feature films, and I’ve been wanting for a while to start a new section on this blog where I would up…
    - 20 days ago, 27 Aug 14, 12:40am -
  • Lexical Approach: a definitive reference list
    Not a proper blog post this time but just a list of references and useful links I have compiled for a series of workshops I have been giving this summer. Ninety minutes is not enough for even an Introduction to... kind of workshop so I thought I'd pu…
    - 28 days ago, 19 Aug 14, 5:31pm -
  • Experimental vocabulary practice
    Image by Peter Megyerion Flickr (CC BY 2.0)My interest in experimental practice was piqued at the TESOL France’s last annual colloquium where I attended interesting sessions on the topic by Mike Harrison, and Christina Rebuffet-Broadus and Jennie W…
    - 2 Jun 14, 4:17am -
  • Horizontal alternatives to vertical lists
    Photo by Tzvi MellerAs much as it seems counter-intuitive, teaching new vocabulary in semantic sets (e.g. jobs: doctor, teacher, lawyer etc. or colours: red, blue, yellow etc.) does not facilitate learning. As far back as in the 1990s, research show…
    - 10 May 14, 1:18am -
  • SLA research: still in the shackles of traditional grammar?
    Second Language Acquisition (SLA) research also needs a lexical revolution to free itself from the shackles of grammar tyranny. Rant alert!Photo by richardoyork on Flickr[CC BY-NC-ND 2.0]I was recently asked to give a talk at a conference on the top…
    - 19 Apr 14, 7:49am -


  • Language Testing and Second Language Acquisition Research: Worlds Apart
    I started asking around and realized I was not the only language-learning advocate surrounded by test developers and assessment gurus who seemed to be “speaking another language.”
    - 7 days ago, 9 Sep 14, 7:05pm -
  • Why don’t teachers use eBooks for professional development?
    Why does there seem to be so little demand for digital versions of ELT professional development materials? 
    - 13 days ago, 3 Sep 14, 5:14pm -
  • Learning on Rails
    It’s possible that we’ll discover that providing the student with highly relevant, engaging content will be more effective than crafting learning experiences on rails (à la our current, item-response-theory-influenced “adaptive learning”).
    - 25 days ago, 22 Aug 14, 5:12pm -
  • Equal rights for nNESTs?
    In this guest post Marek Kiczkowiak from the blog TEFL Reflections and the TEFL Equity Advocates campaign explores the issue of prejudice against non-native English speaker teachers and issues a plea for a more egalitarian approach to hiring te…
    - 28 days ago, 19 Aug 14, 8:19pm -
  • Review: Writing For a Purpose
    Writing for a Purpose is a collaboration between the Br […]
    - 33 days ago, 14 Aug 14, 7:56pm -
  • I Talked Tech with my Students
    Today sees a guest post from David Harbinson. David has […]
    - 41 days ago, 6 Aug 14, 8:17pm -

Authentic Teaching Willy Cardoso

  • Open Space @ Braz-TESOL
    Last week I had the pleasure to facilitate another Open Space  event within a TESOL / ELT conference. This time in Joao ... Continue reading
    - 5 May 14, 11:51pm -
  • Box-ticking or mind-mapping?
    Originally posted on unwrapping the education box :This is a joint post between Willy Cardoso and Divya Madhavan on questions about ELT professionalism.…
    - 18 Apr 14, 7:30pm -
  • What’s your CPD level?
    In a recent interview, to be published soon at SEETA, I said: … how can you possibly measure and grade ... Continue reading
    - 20 Mar 14, 11:39pm -
  • Importing language teaching methodology
    To deny that there is a conflict in contemporary ELT, particularly but not exclusively in the ‘importing’ of new techniques associated ... Continue reading
    - 28 Feb 14, 8:00pm -
  • A lesson based on the teacher’s ignorance
      I was kindly invited to submit a lesson idea for the Disabled Access Friendly Campaign in April 2013. Many ... Continue reading
    - 14 Jan 14, 7:21pm -
  • 14 big questions
    1. Is it the role of language teachers to address social issues in the classroom? Why (not)? 2. If languages ... Continue reading
    - 9 Jan 14, 10:33pm -

Janet Abruzzo's Edublog

  • E-Moderation Scholarship Opportunity via The Consultants-E!
    I am delighted to post the following announcement on behalf of the Consultants-E administration:The Consultants-E are pleased to announce their upcoming scholarship opportunity: A fully-funded scholarship on the next ‘E-Moderation’ online course…
    - 21 days ago, 26 Aug 14, 9:27pm -
  • ACIM 2014 Meeting
    ACIM 2014 - San MarinoThis post is a bit different from my usual ones on my blog and it focuses on a very special trip I made last week.K and I travelled to San Marino by motorbike to attend the 6th ACIM motorbike meeting.  ACIM stands for Aprilia…
    - 62 days ago, 16 Jul 14, 1:03am -
  • The Future Beckons for Wearable Technology
    This post has been a long time coming....  I kind of lost track of time the past few months, and for some reason, I did not have much inspiration, pure and simple.  My days of being on a constant roll, of blog title headings popping up all over the…
    - 19 May 14, 9:50pm -
  • Spring Blog Festival
     I would like to highlight an upcoming online event next weekend which may be of interest to my readers, especially those of you who are bloggers, or are interested in becoming bloggers.  Below is an extract from the introduction to the session in…
    - 9 Mar 14, 2:47am -
  • Feedback on EVO Crafting the ePerfect Textbook 2014
    Sunday February16th marked the final day of the exciting five-week EVO Crafting the ePerfect Textbook session.  It has been a truly exhilarating and educational experience, connecting with over 500 teachers from around the globe.  I was helping the…
    - 22 Feb 14, 7:32pm -
  • CO14 - An Exciting Weekend of CPD!
    This weekend Friday 7th February to Sunday 9th February promises to be an exciting couple of days for educators around the world.It is the Connecting Online's 2014 E-conference, which is free to attend. It is all hosted on the WizIq platform.  Speak…
    - 7 Feb 14, 12:58am -

Teacher Training Unplugged

  • who are grades for?
    Grades have become so closely associated with education these days that is is quite easy to forget that they are – historically speaking – a relatively recent phenomenon.  They were unheard of in the days of Socrates, and would have seemed alien…
    - 31 days ago, 16 Aug 14, 12:15am -
  • 3 things beginning with E
    I spend almost all of my professional life doing one of two things: observing the work of trainee teachers on Celta initial teacher training courses, or observing the work of Celta tutors in my role as an appointed Assessor for the Celta award. Both…
    - 54 days ago, 24 Jul 14, 4:00pm -
  • Where are all the unplugged teacher trainers?
    Dogme ELT has been around (in the sense of having a name and a movement of people who recognize it as a legitimate and defined approach to teaching languages) for the best part of 15 years at this point of writing; what this means is there are a sign…
    - 19 Jan 14, 10:32pm -
  • Dogme is not “just good teaching”
    Usually when (it) is so simple we say, “Oh, I know that! It is quite simple. everyone knows that.”But if we do not find its value, it means nothing. It is the same as not knowing. - Shunryu Suzuki in “Zen Mind, Beginner’s Mind” - I am not s…
    - 9 Oct 13, 6:22pm -
  • balance isn’t everything
    Movement is the destruction of balance. I don’t know who I originally heard this from, but it was in the context of running theory. The idea is that in order for a physical body to move in any direction, it cannot be in a position of balance. That…
    - 22 Jul 13, 2:34am -